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1)Seller should provide 5 pre-loading pictures to buyer so that buyer can apply CCIC Certification for this shipment.

Link: 5 pre-loading picture samples.

2)Should material be loaded into shipping containers for export and the destination is China, there is a requirement by the Chinese customs authorities for 5 CCIC pictures to be taken per container. A shipment of material may not enter China without these pictures. The 5 pictures may be taken by digital camera as the material is loaded into the shipping container. To avoid any delays in shipment these pictures must be promptly e-mailed to AYU Global Resources Inc.

Link: 5 loading picture samples

Note:1)Any containers loaded without all of the above 5 pre-loading pictures will not be allowed to apply CCIC Certification;

Note:2)Any containers loaded without all of the above 5 loading pictures will be returned to the loading site for photos to be taken or the material to be unloaded.

We appreciate all suppliers' cooperation of taking pictures and sending them to us as soon as possible.

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