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The AQSIQ certificate method of identification guide

Overseas supplier enterprises of imported waste materials certificate of registration line is sometimes referred to as aqsiq certificates, foreign aqsiq license; in fact a certificate, issued by AQSIQ of China. Are valid for three years now (first issued in 2004, there were 2 years valid certificate, then changed to 3-year renewal at all effective). Overseas suppliers of waste materials must be handled in the AQSIQ and the AQSIQ registration certificates to AQSIQ get the goods into the country, importers have AQSIQ license only with corporate transactions.

Recycled waste material to show a certificate of environmental protection, are recycled printing, print a certificate on the back label. Certificate name inscribed in the front, prefix are printed well in advance a fixed format, nothing can be introduced.

Identification certificate is valid mainly to see

First, aqsiq certificate registration number: No. A letter from the beginning plus 9 digits (all certificates are A at the beginning), followed by 9 digits for the country code top three, after two of the year, the last four digits of this year awarded a certificate serial number. For example, / aqsiq certificate A826041688, 826 on behalf of the United Kingdom, 04, said in 2004 certificates, 1688 is represented as 2004 1688 to obtain a certificate of the company.

Second, the certificate of the second act's name: generally are expressed in English.

Third, the third line of the certificate Country / Region: Country to note that the top three countries with the certificate of the same code.

Fourth, the Certificate IV behavior Address: generally are expressed in English.

Fifth, the fifth act registration certificate type: class based on the number of registered enterprises are: metal and alloy scrap, mixed scrap metal, scrap plastic, waste paper, scrap textile raw materials, smelting slag, wood and cork waste, molasses, bone waste.

Sixth, the last act the certificate is valid - as of the date, valid for 3 years, English said. If enterprises need to identify aqsiq certificate is valid, can I at the site to check www.aqsiqccc.com aqsiq certificate application from the beginning in 2003, awarded a total of 3415 companies in 98 countries, the current write-off 852, until July 31, 2011 a total of 2563 effective enterprise.  List of all 2563 aqsiq company may need to check my website at: www.aqsiqccc.com

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